Wednesday, July 15, 2009

101 and still active, Happy Birthday

Meet my Dad, "Watty" Watkins. As of today he is celebrating is 101 birthday. Just think of all the history he has lived through. Two world wars, 19 Presidents, the depression, 37 years with Humble/Exxon and traveled all over the world. He built a refinery in Augusta, Sicily, for Exxon, went on a Safari in Africa, and did carpenter and cabinet work for many people for many years. He loves to fish and hunt and still gets excited over the prospect of doing either one. He gardens and cans produce. We all have the recipe for Paw Paws Pickles. We are blessed with his stories of the past, his carving and jewlery talent and his great love of life. He is a great Dad, Grandfather, Greatgrandfather and Great Great grandfather. Happy Birthday, my Father, my mentor and my Friend.



Cathy said...

I was so happy to be there to celebrate Paw Paw's 100th birthday last year and so wish I could have been there this year.
I just love that man! Happy Birthday Paw Paw!!!!!

Lianna Knight said...

I had a GREAT talk with Pawpaw tonight...he is DEFINITELY someone VERY special to our family and to me. It's amazing to see someone that is STILL excited about his birthday and cherishes his family soo much.

What a legacy he has left for our family...and what a hero he is to all :)

I Love To Ponder said...

Annell, watch the paper tomorrow as there may be a surprise in about Paw Paw and Jordyn!!!! Not sure how much will be ran, but we shall see. See you guys on Friday for THE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!! I wish you could have seen him with Jordyn last night, he would open his mouth really big at her, and she would just giggle. It was awesome.

Lianna Knight said...

FYI...I LOVE all the plants!!! I can't believe how big the Jade plant is!!! You'll have to email me all the other plants again. I do recall the Christams Cactus and plumeria, but I can't remember the rose and the others :)

Thank you!!!

Annell said...

As to the rose rootings I sent, I now believe, after my senior moment, that the rose is called Heritage. It is an antique shrub, blooms most of the year and is a light pink to cream. Possibly a David Austin Rose.

Annell said...

This 101 man is away on a dove hunt with two of my sons. He has been so excited about going and I am sure we will hear great stories when he returns. I was asked to water the 15 or so tomatoe plants and the rest of the garden while he was gone. Did so after I found out how to work the over head sprinklers. Oh well.