Saturday, February 7, 2009

my heiritage

This is my 100 year old Dad at his 100th Birthday, July 15, 2008 with Great Granddaughter Lianna. He is the one that has passed on to me the genes to be a gardener. He was raised on a Rice farm in Louisiana and to this day still loves the process of growing , tilling and tending a garden. I evidently inheirited this, as I love the same process. So much of history to pass on to his family. He has lived through 19 president, the depression, four wars, and 37 years years of work at Humble (Exxon) and so much more. I am so blessed that I have him to encourage me, teach me and love me and my family.

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GiGi aka Glamourous Grandma said...

And he is about to become a great great grand father for the 1st time. His new great great grandaughter Jordyn Elizabeth Ponder will be here soon!!!!